Team River Runner

10636757_1208150839210294_9023523414648024002_oTo create an environment of healthy adventure, recreation and camaraderie for healing active duty, veteran service members and their families through adaptive kayaking. 

Team River Runner provides wounded service members, combat/injured veterans, and their family members with the opportunity to find health, healing, and new challenges through kayaking (whitewater AND flatwater) and other paddlesports.


Team River Runner envisions a national network which creates innovative paddling programs designed to assist with the recovery of those injured while serving our country. Through paddle sports, TRR volunteers and partners provide local communities unique opportunities for the active, safe and positive support of healing service members and their families.

Core Values:


TRR is a credible and accountable organization that provides the highest quality of training and leadership in our paddling programs. We are committed to promote and offer healthy, safety-conscious activities for our participants.


TRR welcomes and encourages the participation of healing active duty and veteran service members and their families in programs designed to serve as many participants as possible. We are non-political and nondiscriminatory and we are dedicated to support the emotional and physical well-being of our participants.


TRR provides a positive experience through energetic involvement in a challenging outdoor activity. We believe that paddling provides fun and fulfillment and enables diverse individuals to enjoy the exceptional camaraderie of the paddle sport community.


TRR is a volunteer-based organization which derives its energy, ideas, and talents from persons with a commitment to serve others. Volunteers participate in the design, creation and delivery of our paddling programs for the maximum benefit of TRR participants.

Natural Resources:

TRR practices environmental responsibility. As outdoor enthusiasts, we respect all natural resources and incorporate sound conservation practices into our programs.
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