You can give it to me or Joe, and we’ll put it in the Team River Runner van and will see you again at Mr Smith’s for the post-party

Anything you like.  Although you’re more than welcome to wear your Embassy Run Tees, we encourage everyone to decide for themselves.  You will be issued a bib with your name on it.  If for some reason, we run out, we will issue one with the name of a participating Embassy.

The shirts and bibs help identify us to the Embassies and other visitors. Most of the Embassies will be providing head-of-the-line privileges.


Yes, even for head-of-the-line privileges. So please minimize what you bring.  A fanny pack with cell, keys, credit card, metro card, ID and some cash would be perfect.  You’re welcome to bring a camel pack, but with all the stops for water, you’ll probably won’t need it.  Please try not to pick up souvenir items at the Embassies since you don’t wanna run with them.  (At Belgium, a volunteer will be there to pick up your bottle of beer)

That’s not the plan. At Cleveland Park, we’ll be splitting up into two different groups.  And because of the size of our group, the smaller embassies will not be able to accommodate everyone.

Food & Drinks

Absolutely. Join us at Mr Smith’s of Georgetown at 5pm.  There will be complimentary food and beverages and we can socialize with your new running mates.   If you haven’t yet received a shirt, we will have some there

Some Embassies will provide complimentary food & beverages.  Expect a Red Bull @Austria, Heineken and cookie @Netherlands, Wine @Hungary and of course good ole Happy Hour beer or rail & Apps @Mr Smith’s.  You’re welcome to eat/drink at the remaining Embassies, but please bring cash (and try not to stuff yourself too much)



Not at all.  If you are enjoying your time in one Embassy and prefer to stay, we won’t fault you. There’s no requirements to finish the entire run.  However, we would like to see you at Mr Smith’s of Georgetown by 5pm for our post-run party — they’ll be complimentary food and beverages so we highly recommend coming.


Unfortunately neither will be allowed inside the Embassies

Mostly, but there will be a quarter mile trail along Dunbarton Oaks Trail that is narrow, steep and gravel.

No worries. We’ve built a 15 minute cushion at each Embassy for folks running behind to catch up.  In previous years, everyone was able to catch up.

8-10 minute mile – Everyone runs in their own pace


Yes, we recommend the Days Inn on 4400 Connecticut Ave NW, just a block from the start line.  They are providing 15% off for our runners 

Just outside of Van Ness Metro (east side), in front of the CVS

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