About Embassy Run

The EU Embassy Run is an annual fun run held in conjunction with the EU Embassies’ Open House event on  May 11th 2019.

The run starts at Gold’s Gym in Van Ness, DC with a visit to Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

After a healthy jolt of Austrian Red Bull, a bite of Hungarian bratwurst washed down with delicious European spirits, we enjoy a stroll through the scenic Melvin Hazen Trail unto Connecticut Ave and south to vibrant Cleveland Heights.  Then we make our way west to Massachusetts Ave to visit Belgium, Finland and the UK.

Then after visiting “the Happiest Country on Earth”,  Denmark, we  run towards eclectic Embassy Row to visit Greece, Ireland and Romania.  Finally, we take a long run west towards Georgetown and relax in Germany/France and down to the waterfront to visit scenic Sweden.  After visiting over a dozen Embassies while running 10-13 miles, we celebrate our accomplishments and share our experiences in a post-run party at Mr. Smith’s in Georgetown. This year the run is organized by Where to Next? Race.

For the last ten years, we have celebrated the cultural heritage and national traditions that the 28 member EU countries have to offer. 

The Embassy Run all started with a dare. Chito Peppler, who just wrapped up a joint tour at the U.S. European Command, thought it would be a good idea to run and visit several of Embassies from the countries he knew and love while stationed abroad.

He rounded up a few people and kicked off the first run to much fanfare.  However, the next two years Chito was only able to convince a few of his roommates to run with him — no one else seemed interested.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 3.38.15 AM

Original 4 runners in 2009

Sadly the run crawled along with just several participants until 2014, when Runner’s World called to see if they could cover our run.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 3.30.20 AM

2010 Run at Embassy of Finland

With the help of the DC Capital Striders, Chito was able to muster 40 runners to sign up at the last minute.
The run was a huge success and the following year the run raised over $2,000 for We Are Family and the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.39.46 PM
In 2016, with over 150 runners and volunteers, $2,000 was raised for Team River Runner to help wounded service members and their families the chance to find health and healing through kayaking.
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In addition to setting a record in number of runners, we were able to visit as many as 15 Embassies running two different routes.
This year, all our proceeds will support Team River Runner – helping wounded veterans and their families rehabilitate through kayaking and other water sports.
Over $3,000 was raised for Team River Runner enough to purchase a trailer to transport kayaks. 
 EU Embassy Run – 28 Embassies – 10 Miles – a Lifetime of Smiles